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Set in the heritage conservation estate of Tiong Bahru, Singapore. Space planning was inspired by the unique characteristics of this particular pre-war apartment.


With its high ceiling and varying floor levels, we conceptualised the apartment as a courtyard abode with two separate living spaces. The duo units are centred to an open-to-sky courtyard with a luxuriant greenwall, each distinct yet connected.


Taking advantage of the lower level of the front unit, a sitting area was designed to allow for idle glances to the sky while lounging in a couch w a drink in hand. Leading from the sitting area is a flight of cantilevered black concrete steps that morph into and forms the kitchen counter top, providing effective space saving solution.

While light floods into the front unit through the courtyard sliding window, light streams into the rear unit through a series of sky lights. The enclosed nature of the rear unit means we had to create openings on the roof to bring light into the unit, one of which opens to the skyline of Tiong Bahru in the distance.




Space Planning

Interior Design



Tiong Bahru



March 2015

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